Dear Colleagues, E-Poster session will be held as part of the educational course, where participants can present and discuss clinical cases and results of their research with leading experts.

E-Poster session will be held in the format of electronic posters, abstracts will be published. To participate in the session, you must be registered for an educational course. 


E-Poster presentations

An E-poster is an electronic poster displayed on computer screens instead of printed on paper as a traditional poster.

There will be 2 types of E-Poster Presentations:

  • E-Poster Discussion– posters selected for this category will be available electronically in the E-poster Area.  Authors of this E-Posters will make short presentations and answer the questions during E-Poster Presentation session.

  • E-Poster Viewing– posters selected for this category will be available for viewing on the conference website

E-Poster Presenters have each been allocated 7 minutes to present their E-Poster, which includes 5 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for discussion.

Location: E-Poster Area, located in the Exhibition & Networking Hall

E-Poster Presentation Session is scheduled as indicated in the conference program. All participants are invited to the E-Poster Area to hear the short presentations and to ask questions. E-Poster Session will be guided by a chair.

Presenters should be at the E-Poster Area 10 -15 minutes before the start of their E-Poster Session and remain there until the session has finished.

Besides being displayed onsite during the conference, all E-posters will be made available for viewing on the conference website up to one month after the conference.


Download E-poster guidelines and template.

Download E-Poster abstract template.

How to upload your E-Poster:

Please forward your completed PowerPoint E-Poster to  

Please forward your E-Poster abstract to


Руководство по структуре абстракта

Допустимое количество слов 175 – 275 слов. Абстракты, не соответствующие этому требованию, будут отправлены авторам на доработку

• Скачайте, пожалуйста, шаблон для абстракта и следуйте предложенному в нем формату (кнопка ниже “Download Abstract Template”)

• Язык абстракта Английский

• Пожалуйста, пусть ваш абстракт будет максимально информативным и кратким изложением вашего исследования, включая его предысторию, цель, методологию, результаты и заключение

• Пожалуйста, пришлите вместе с абстрактом краткую информацию о себе.


Если по каким-либо причинам вы не сможете присутствовать на конференции или делать ваш доклад, если вместо вас доклад будет представлять другой докладчик, пожалуйста, сообщите об этом немедленно организационному комитету конференции.

Пожалуйста, скажите нам, если вам необходима специальные условия для проведения вашей презентации и участия в постерной сессии (инвалидная коляска, слуховой аппарат и т.д.)

Заявление об отсутствии конфликта интересов

АСКЛИН стремится обеспечить научную строгость и объективность во всей своей образовательной деятельности. Все участники, приглашенные лекторы (спикеры, модераторы и эксперты) и представляющие свои работы на конференции (делающие доклады или представляющие постеры) обязаны раскрывать любые соответствующие финансовые или иные отношения, которые могут привести к потенциальной предвзятости.

Конфликты интересов являются частыми и ожидаемыми и не препятствуют тому, чтобы человек сделал презентацию, если конфликт раскрыт. Если есть какие-либо сомнения относительно релевантности потенциального конфликта интересов, RASCLIN требует от всех докладчиков действовать ответственно и раскрывать такой потенциальный конфликт интересов.

Если конфликт отсутствует, необходимо использовать следующее утверждение: Все авторы заявили об отсутствии конфликта интересов (“All authors have declared no conflict of interest”)


Guidelines for the abstract structure

  • The acceptable word range for the abstract is 175 – 275 words. The abstracts which do not meet this word limit will be sent back to the author(s) to be revised
  • Please download the abstract template and follow the format carefully
  • Your submission should be in English
  • We encourage you to send an informative abstract (complete abstract) which is a summary of a paper’s substance including its background, purpose, methodology, results, and conclusion.
  • Please send in a brief biography together with the Abstract


  • If you are not able to present your talk for any reason, you are kindly requested to contact the organising office immediately and to notify them of any change of presenter or withdrawal.
  • Please also inform us in case you have any special needs which would influence your presentation (e.g. wheelchair, hearing aid…).

Declaration of conflict of interests

RASCLIN 2020 symposium is committed to ensuring scientific rigour and objectivity in all its educational activities. All presenters, whether invited faculty (speaker, chair and expert) or abstract (oral or poster) presenters (hereinafter “Presenter(s)”) are required to disclose any relevant financial or other relationship that may lead to a potential bias.

RASCLIN 2020 symposium requires all Presenters to disclose any financial relationship with or any advisory or consultancy roles in related Industry during the past three years.

A conflict of interest is any situation in which a speaker or immediate family members have interests, and those may cause a conflict with the current presentation. These may include financial interests (eg. owning stocks of a related company, having received honoraria, consultancy fees), research interests (research support by grants or otherwise), organizational interests and gifts.

Conflicts of interest are frequent and expected, and do not preclude an individual from making a presentation, provided the conflict is disclosed. If there is any doubt about the relevance of a potential conflict of interest, RASCLIN 2020 requires all Presenters to act responsibly and to disclose such potential conflict of interest

Please make sure to insert a declaration of conflicting interests at the bottom of the poster. This is mandatory for all speakers and for each poster, even if there are no COI to declare.

If there is no conflict, the following statement needs to be used: All authors have declared no conflict of interest